You’ll never guess what my annoying younger brother Teddy has done now. He’s decided to rebel against the soft life of comfort and ease that I have worked so tirelessly to provide for him. He’s shown he has no loyalty, gratitude or sense of fair play. He’s decided to apply for a JOB!


Teddy and Brian at Belhaven Bay

He now thinks he can write blogs and reviews of dog friendly cottages. Well what would he know about dog friendly cottages? When he gets out of the car he just wants to head straight for the beach to run about in the surf, fetch sticks and top up his tan. When he deigns to come back and inspect the small but perfectly formed corner of the room that I set aside for his blanket, he shows no real interest in anything other than snoozing until the next meal. Not for him checking out the chairs and sofas, he just finds something comfortable and stays there. Until the opening of the fridge door, of course.

Well I admit he likes his outdoor life and is happy wherever we go on holiday. He even went into the sea at Whitby last month, when the snow storms made everything so impossible. Yesterday he was running around Clumber Park so wildly that he head butted a tree. I swear I saw a squirrel fall from somewhere up above. Probably laughing so much at Idiot Boy.

But really he lacks the vocabulary and les mots justes to make a good blogger. And his application form was pathetic. Fancy listing under your hobbies ‘likes dancing to Puppet on a String’. Where did that one come from? Everyone knows he dances to The Continental, though he’s no Fred Astaire.

Well, we shall see. I expect a commission for every article he posts at the very least.

I will keep you updated, dear readers.

Naps – quality or quantity?

It’s often noticed by my people that I spend a lot of time napping. I decided to do a little experiment to determine whether one long nap is more effective than several short naps. I tried one week napping from just after breakfast until just before my early evening passegiata. The second week I broke off my nap for a lunchtime snack before resuming napping in the afternoon.

The results were somewhat surprising. I found that with both strategies I was refreshed and ready for action, but for some reason interrupting the nap during the day resulted in some weight gain.